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From Down River reviews:

NOW MAGAZINE TORONTO: “Finally a Canadian script worthy of its excellent cast...Ratner's story has brains and heart..."

THE TORONTO STAR: " intelligent work with moments of poignancy and emotional resonance by a talented filmmaker...3/4 stars..."

THE VANCOUVER SUN: "Emotionally successful Down River works at gut level...the characters jump off the page and into our hearts...Ratner’s movie finds real feeling without being sentimental..."

THE TIMES COLONIST: “Ratner balances humour, poignancy and drama...a film of considerable beauty...4/5 stars...”

THE NATIONAL POST: "Down River wears its emotions honestly on its sleeve...3/4 stars..."

THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT: "...a beautiful experience from funny start to deeply moving finish..."

THE VANCOUVER PROVINCE: "a lot of clever, funny business amid the drama...woven seamlessly together..."

THE VANCOUVER OBSERVER: "...very moving and delivers a highly affecting ending...strong believable performances...”

TORONTO FILM SCENE: “...a potential will feel uplifted, entertained, amused and moved...”

POPCORNANDVODKA.COM: “ favorite film of Cinequest 2014...full of hope and happiness and a love of life...amazing and intelligent and funny and heartbreaking and truthful...”

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From Moving Malcolm reviews:

VARIETY: “…augers promisingly for Ratner’s future as a director.”

THE NATIONAL POST: “…an auspicious directorial debut for Ratner.”

THE VANCOUVER PROVINCE: “hilarious, with deft moments of genuine humanity.”

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Ben Ratner's reviews from Sisters & Brothers

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: “...the Louise/Jerry tale is by far the strongest ... Ratner touchingly captures the schizophrenic’s constant Sisyphean struggle up into self-awareness and back down into utter turmoil.”

THE VANCOUVER SUN: “Perhaps the most novel, and the most rewarding, is the plot line revolving around mental illness. Ratner plays a man suffering through schizophrenia while his sister, played with a huge heart and endless nuance by Gabrielle Miller, tries to keep him on an even keel. This is the thread with the most at stake, and the greatest degree of difficulty, because it gets to the marrow of blood relations.”

NOW MAGAZINE TORONTO: “Corner Gas's Miller and Benjamin Ratner are completely convincing as siblings dealing with mental illness...”

93.6 FM: “By far the best tale stars Gabrielle Miller of Corner Gas fame and Benjamin Ratner, a talented and sadly under-recognized B.C. talent. Louise (Miller) is absolutely devoted to her big brother Jerry (Ratner), who has descended into schizophrenia since he reached adulthood... this story is funny, touching and heartfelt. A whole film could be made about the relationship between Louise and Jerry—it’s that good.”

THE NATIONAL POST: “... guilt-ridden sister Louise (a stellar Gabrielle Miller, late of Corner Gas) tries her best to take care of her brother Jerry (Benjamin Ratner), who has schizophrenia and is erratic, even on his meds. The chemistry between this pair in particular, and the use of improvisation overall, makes theirs the most believable relationship.”



Down River Inspired by Beloved Figure in Vancouver Acting Community
by Marsha Lederman from The Globe and Mail, March 6, 2014 – click to read article

Canadian Films Draw Praise
by Carole Horst from Variety, December, 20, 2013 – click to read article

A Journey Down River
Film Diary by Ben Ratner from Reel West Magazine, September/October 2013 – click to read article

State of the Arts: Ratner’s River Inspired by Late Actress
by Cheryl Rossi from The Vancouver Courier, September 17, 2013 – click to read article

Love Letter to a Departed Friend
by Michael D. Reid from The Times Colonist, February 10, 2014 – click to read article

Reel People
by Sabrina Furminger from Westender, May 28, 2014 – click to read article

Motion Picture Leo Winners & Nominees Led by Ben Ratner’s Down River
YVR Shoots, June 4, 2014 – click to read article

VIFF 2010: Benjamin Ratner Is in Show Business for All the Right Reasons
by Ken Eisner from the The Georgia Straight, September 30, 2010 - click to read article



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